Church Revitalization

October 9, 2014 dbrickhouse Blog

The statistics are sobering: Less than 15% of churches in America are growing… Of those 15%, just 2.2%  are growing by conversion growth. Pastors are leaving the ministry each month by the thousands. Every year thousands of churches close their doors for good. There are as many “explanations” for this decline as there are churches. The bottom line is that we need revitalization.

Our desire at the EBA is to see every church be a light in a dark world; effectively fulfilling the Great Commission. Our stated purpose is “to develop a strategy for revitalizing plateaued or declining churches in the Etowah Baptist Association”. This is accomplished through a combination of small group meetings as well as individual, one-on-one “coaching”.

We have developed a multi-faceted approach which includes:
educating people as to the need for revitalization
identifying weaknesses and strengths of the church and her leadership
developing a plan that suits the unique needs of each church.

If you would like information on how your church can benefit and how you can get involved please call Richard at 256-547-1691 ext. 107.

Lutheran church, Johvi, Estonia. Autumn. Bare trees.