Does the resurrection change you?

The words emblazoned across the website say it all; “If the resurrection is true…that changes everything!”. I have no doubt that the resurrection of Jesus is true. No other event in all of history has been scrutinized as closely as the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ Jesus. Biblical as well as secular historians have recorded it and multiple eyewitnesses have reported it. and even more importantly I have experienced the life changing power that becomes a reality in the life of one that confesses the resurrected Jesus as Savior and Lord. The resurrection is true! and I know that from a theological perspective [we have access to God because of Jesus] and from a personal perspective it changes everything. What I am unsure of is what difference the resurrection makes in the life of the average church member. Does it change the way you live your life? Does it change the way you view the lost; whether it is a family member, friend or your neighbor? Does it influence the way you do your job? Does it affect the way you approach your life and God’s purpose for you? Each individual must ask themselves, does the resurrection change anything? It should.