Just A Thought

As the year moves rapidly toward 2017, I want to express deep appreciation for several special people in my life. Back in January, due to financial short falls, EBA had to make some adjustments. Emily Hamilton, Ministry Assistant to Richard Bradfield, has impacted our print media, web site upgrading and so much more. Sherre Wells became my Ministry Assistant.  She quickly learned my “quirks” and is performing her duties very well. Kali Copeland joined us as Ministry Assistant to Eric Sexton and receptionist. With her years of involvement in Summer Missions and student ministry, she is a great addition to the team. Ginger Cain continues to serve very well as Financial Ministry Asst. (now into her 7th year!). I’m so privileged to work with Eric and Richard. God knew what He was doing when He formed this Ministry Team. We are passionate about serving our churches and appreciate the privilege to do so!

Be blessed and be one! Gary