Just A Thought

Many folks in Etowah County were saddened to hear of Gail Well’s recent death. Her contagious sense of humor and strong faith were so evident in her daily walk. She could make the most difficult situation easier to ‘walk-through’ with her uplifting outlook derived from her faith in the Lord. One of her favorite phrases was “it’s a God thang” when God moved in a great way. In her 20 years at EBA she filled every position with the exception of Dir. of Missions, and probably could have done that if called on. Upon her death, she was very specific about no funeral service of any kind as she had longed to be reunited with Hub. Her family has honored her wishes. Yes, Gail will be missed . . . but not forgotten, especially throughout many churches and around the offices of EBA.  

Be a blessing to someone! Gary