Just A Thought

To say our nation is in turmoil is a grave understatement.  There seems to be extreme upheaval both politically and socially with near-anarchy in illegal activity and crime.  lines of decency and morals are blurred or, at best, viewed as archaic.  What do we do?  A better question is where is our focus?  In the words of a 4Him song, Basics of Life, “We’ve rearranged what’s right and what’s wrong.  Where are the virtues that once gave us light and the morals that governed or lives?  We need to get back to a heart that is pure and a love that is blind, a faith fervently grounded in Christ and a hope that endures for all times.  We need to desperately [emphasis added] get back to the basics of life.” A simple song can bring conviction, which if responded to, can change a heart.  We have a choice to point fingers and complain or to seek to make a difference for Christ.  Let’s not get caught-up in what the world says about us; instead let’s be focused on what He says about us.

Be blessed and be one!

Gary Cardwell

Director of Missions