Just A Thought

Graduations are taking place. Post high school plans have been the focus of the Class of ’16. Finalizing vacation plans and summer get-aways are priority number one. Pardon me if I put my ‘pastor’s hat’ on for a bit. With all this planning and prep, I wonder, if we are utilizing the same excitement, energy and expense when it comes to Spiritual matters? Am I antivacations and time-off? Absolutely not. But it’s so easy to put that on hold. As you know, the Enemy takes no ‘time-off’ as evidenced across the landscape of our nation these days. Biblical prophecy has not been altered nor changed. The age-old question remains, are we ready for the inevitable? Again, scare tactics are not my motive. Realism is the operative word. There’s coming a day . . .
Be blessed, be diligent and be prepared.
Assn. Dir. of Missions