Just A Thought

Hey, if you haven’t checked out our newly re-designed and constantly updated web site, I’d love for you to take a look at etowahbaptist.com. We also have added links that will instantly direct you to your desired location/information. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are also a good source to post your comments or catch-up in a shorter format. The bottom-line (I know, it’s an old term, but so is the author) is that we want you not only to have the info you are looking for, but also to have a way of connecting with us for any questions or comments you may have. Our desire is to remain pro-active in relating to our churches and all Etowah Baptists. We work hard to ‘make-that-happen’ which includes hearing from you, as well as, staying informed as to what will assist you in your church and it’s ministries. Check us out! Our churches are our #1 partnership. Be blessed and be one!
Gary, your Assn. Dir. of Missions