Just A Thought

Spring is on it’s way! Blooms are popping-up and fishing weather is here! I hope, along with the freshness of the season, we would take a new fresh look at things that enhance our spiritual walk, as well as, get involved in events that touch lives for Christ.  Now is the time to enlist workers for Vacation Bible School.  Cherry Street Baptist Church is hosting our associational VBS Clinic on April 21.  Our mission trip to our newest North American Partnership in Greater New Orleans with Westbank Baptist Church is July 16-22 (www.etowahbaptist.com/nola) and our final trip in our partnership with Christ Centered Church in North Miami is May 28-June 3 (www.etowahbaptist.com/miami).  EBA is also conducting a Children’s Camp on July 6-8.  (www.etowahbaptist.com/kidscamp).  There are many opportunities for you to be involved in.  Check our the direct links.

Be blessed and be one!

Gary, Assn. Dir. of Missions