Just A Thought

Would you agree that a gathering that affirms a new Missions Partnership, accepts a new church into a process that would eventually move them into full affiliation with an association and to become aware of many great opportunities and events that strengthen churches for effectiveness would be a wonderful thing? Well, that’s just a ‘taste’ of our recent EBA Executive Board meeting. Who would not want to be a part of something like that? Evidently, many thought it would just be another business meeting! Far from it! Just in case some may not be aware of who should attend, permit me to clarify. Each EBA church is requested to have 2 representatives from each church. It’s preferred to have the pastor and another church leader, but it that’s not possible, 2 elected church leaders is fine. There are only 4 meeting per year. We publicize them in numerous ways. If you are interested, don’t wait until someone asks, ask if you can be a representative from your church. Be blessed and be one! Get involved in your association.

Gary, Assn. Dir. of Missions