Just A Thought

It’s so good to communicate to you in this first Just a Thought for the year. The New Year finds us ‘moving forward’ with renewed passion and excitement to see what The Lord has in store for our network of churches (EBA). We ended 2015 on a good ‘financial note’ which will be forthcoming on The Back Page in a couple of weeks. In spite of the full-frontal assaults from Satan, we are determined to not grow weary in the fight! We are well aware of our True Source of strength. There’s no question about that. The fact is we’ve got to tap-into that source and not waver and grow weary. No matter who or what is grabbing the headlines, God has not deviated from His plans and purposes.  So often we give-up at just the precise point He is ready to move. Be blessed and be one! Don’t give up!

Gary, Assn. Dir. of Missions