Just A Thought

We’re just days away! Are you ready? Have you made all preparations you planned to get accomplished? For you ‘list-makers’, has each item been ‘checked twice’? Are all plans finalized as to where you will stay? No . . . I’m not talking about the white-breaded guy in the bright red suit. I’m speaking of the return of Christ. As I understand scripture, we have no clue as to when ‘the skies will open’ and ‘the trumpet will sound’. Could it happen on the very day we celebrate His birth? Why yes, it could! My point is, we need to be ready because He will return. Prophesies are fulfilled  . . . everything is set. This is in no way meant as a threat . . . but a warning. It’s a question that demands an answer. We can’t utilize the DELETE button on this one. Be ready . . . Be blessed . . . and be one!

Gary, your Assn. Dir. of Missions