Just A Thought

Would you agree that LOVE is vital to life, especially this time of year? I think so. I’m, of course, speaking of the agape type.  We should always seek to increase our desire to give and receive it, as well.  If you truly know Christ, there should be a growing pattern of love through our lives.  Even though Christ’ love is perfect, we are far from that, but we should always pursue it.  This type of love is always needed in relationships, especially in
damaged ones.  As the saying goes, life is too short. We must seek healing and restoration.  We also need to be instruments of His unconditional love in every situation.  By this we know love, that He laid down His live for us . . . we are to do the same for others! (1 John 3:16) Tis the season . . . to give it away, expecting nothing in return!  May God bless you richly as you, in turn, bless & love others.

 Gary, your Assn. Dir. of Missions