Just A Thought

Tis the Season! Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! Yes, we should express our ‘thank-you(s)-year-round’ but something about this time of year should motivate us to genuinely show appreciation. Point is . . . what a way to ‘open-the-door’ to share your testimony which could lead to sharing the Gospel. We are living in some of the most discouraging times, with the exception of the Great Depression, in the history of our nation. On all ‘fronts’, emotionally, morally, politically, financially, and spiritu-ally. It’s not the time for Christians to withdraw and keep silent! We must not allow a small minority of people to dictate and force their agenda on the majority! It brings me back to a statement I heard recently. It’s a shame that many Christians are known more for what they are against than what they are for! Don’t fall for the deception. Be blessed . . . be one . . . be appreciative! You never know what ‘door’ could be open.

Gary, Your Director of Missions