Just A Thought

Thanks to those who have taken a few minutes to complete our on-line survey. Several weeks ago, we uploaded a simple survey asking for your feedback on our web site etowahbaptist.com‘Click’ on SURVEY and it should pop-up. We are constantly seeking to improve communication as to who we are and what we attempt to do as your association. We simply desire to enhance what God has already begun in your church and how partnering with you can achieve The Great Commission. Getting-the-word-out appears to be an area that some respondents have mentioned.  As postal and printing costs rise, coupled with the fact that don’t have advertising campaign funds, we have enhanced our web-site and other social media in order to communicate.  Yes, I realize everyone does not utilize such methods, however, due to the low-cost factor, we must make use of these types of ways to inform.  I’m also aware that due to the cost to the church, the Alabama Baptist Newspaper (EBA Back Page), subscription numbers have fallen over the years.  There is a very low-cost on-line way to receive it to your email box.  Also, our monthly Newsletter (The Source) can also be delivered in this manner, or we will mail a copy to you.  The key? You must let us know as we attempt to let you know!

Gary, Assn. Dir. of Missions