Wall Street Treat

October Mission Idea:

Wall Street Treat
Help Etowah Baptist Missions Center
and Alabama City Merchants Assoc.
Thursday, October 29th

The Mission Center needs candy, candy and more candy! They need churches, organizations, youth groups to sponsor and maintain booths on Wall Street for the children to enjoy.
So far they have blow-ups for the kids, local merchants handing out candy and water, Patty Cake, Surrell Dental, Damacus Road, and lots of things going on…
___________ this blank is for you!
Ideas for booths: hoola hoop, basket ball toss, face painting, fish pond, pumpkin toss, puppet show, popcorn, cotton candy……the list goes on.
For more info call Ashley @ 256-546-2980. Need to know by Oct. 22nd.