Just A Thought

Our Annual Meeting is but days away! If you have attended in recent years, you are well aware that this gathering of Etowah Baptists is far from boring and ‘business-as-usual’. If you have not attended, please consider representing your church and join us at Southside Baptist Church on highway 77 on Monday, October 12. If you are not able to make it to the afternoon session, beginning at 1, you do not want to miss the Missions Celebration in the evening session (6 p.m.). We have another great line-up set for the evening’s festivities. If you have had questions as to what exactly does the association do, this is a great way to catch-a-glimpse of all we do, on behalf of and in partnership with, the churches we have the privilege to serve. God has accomplished so much through Etowah Baptists and still has more for us in spite of future challenges! His battle-plan hasn’t changed. He equips those who step-out in faith. Be blessed and be one!

Gary, Dir. of Missions