Just A Thought

What relationship did Moses have with his father-in-law? How about Paul with the Philippians?  Or even Jesus with His disciples? They had someone they could turn to as a resource, encourager, and as a fellow “soldier in the battle”.  In a word, PARTNER! They had folks they confided-in, who would ‘stand-with-them’ and were true friends.  I recently had the opportunity to share an overview of who we are as an association, and what we do!  Simply stated, EBA staff and volunteer teams; pray, teach, lead, facilitate, strategize and provide resources, all in order to assist our churches in fulfilling the Great Commission, based on Acts 1:8.  Our primary focus is on missions and ministries.  As I’ve often said, we’re not necessarily the do-it, but the conduit! It’s much more than giving-to the association, but investing-in the work of the Lord and accomplishing what He has called us to do. Be blessed and be one!

Gary, your Assn. Dir. of Missions