Just A Thought

In reflection, I could begin this week’s article as I did last week. Where has all the time gone? Today, September 3, marks my 65th birthday! There have been some very low-times, but the high-times far outweigh the lows.  Just a week ago, Carol and Icelebrated 44 years of marriage. She’s been a ‘main-stay’ for me through many rough-spots and has stood beside me through thick & thin! I am truly a blessed man in so many ways (ministry & family). I’ve witnessed, as you have, so much change; culturally, morally and socially, most in the wrong direction. However, I am not ready to give-up and go-to-the-house! Satan would love for well-meaning Christian Folks to just get tired and give up! As I recently celebrated 10 years serving you as your Assn. Dir. of Missions, I still possess a passion for what I’ve been called to do. I refuse to get stuck-in-my-ways and rededicate myself to whatever it takes to lead this association to be affective for Christ and assist our churches in fulfilling The Great Commission. Be blessed and be one! Gary, your Assn. Dir. of Missions