Just A Thought

What an awesome summer of Mission endeavors! I want to thank some very special people who participated in both Miami/Christ Centered Church weeks. There was a distinct difference in the two, by design. It was an amazing worship experience at C2Ch. on the Sundays after each team arrived. Trip #1 folks witnessed 7 baptisms and Trip #2 saw 8 baptized.  C2Church continues to ‘shine the light of Christ’ in a very
spiritually-dark culture. I know that Pastor Derek and staff would appreciate continual prayers on their behalf.  As I said a couple of weeks ago in this space, you don’t have to pack-a-bag and travel in order to maintain a “missions-mindset”. Prayer ‘cover’ is vital to everything that takes place anytime we “step-out” in the name of Christ attempting to make a difference for Him! Be blessed . . . be in prayer . . . and be a blessing to someone else!

Gary, Assn. Dir. of Missions