Just A Thought

Please note the 2015 2nd Quarter Church Giving Report on our webpage and contact Ginger (Fin. Secretary ginger@etowahbaptist.com or 256-547-1691, ext. 110) if a discrepancy is discovered. We are well aware of the “stressful financial times” in which we live. Every ‘$’ is greatly appreciated and each EBA expenditure is highly scrutinized. Awareness of who we are as your association is priority #1!   We would love the opportunity to share with any organization/committee/team or the entire church if needed!   So much of what we do is “behind the scenes” so we’d consider it a genuine pleasure to share how EBA assists your church in achieving the Great Commission, churches Revived and Revitalized. Be blessed & be one!

Gary, Assn. Dir. of Missions