Just A Thought

Our 2015 Summer Missions Ministry is in ‘high-gear’!  It began with a Spirit-filled Commissioning Service hosted by Immanuel Baptist Church. During the first two weeks, the Missionaries, along with Supervisors, Eric Sexton & Tim Womack, fanned-out across the association participating in 13 Vacation Bible Schools!  They are so excited to be available to assist our churches in this way, as well as, participating in various Community Centers and putting in many hours volunteering at the Etowah Baptist Missions Center. It will be a ‘jammed-packed’ eight weeks and we are so glad to be allowed to serve our churches. May I make a plea for your assistance?  While we work hard to hold-down costs, a financial short-fall occurs as we approach the end of the eighth week of ministry.  We are so appreciative of churches who have supported this ministry in prior years. With that said, could I make an appeal for additional financial support? Several professions of faith have been made and many more lives will be touched and changed through this ministry in coming weeks.  Thank you for considering a donation. Simply mark your check “Summer Missions”. Thanks so much.

Gary, your Assn. Dir. of Missions